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 Why You Should Start a Podcast.

People listen to podcasts in the car, in the gym, even doing the housework or the gardening. I listen to podcasts rather than listening to music, so I can spend the time learning something new. 


Podcasting is a great teaching medium. It is also a great way to reach people who may not know about you or your business. 


You need to learn about the best equipment to use, how to record, edit and upload your podcasts and how to promote your podcast, but we have the best in the business to help you do that.



Free Podcasting Guides


How to Start Your First Podcast

Pat Flynn's Free Podcasting Guide.  If you want to learn the basics of podcasting for free, this is a great place to start. 


If you find the guide useful, but want to learn more, don't forget to stop back here to sign up for one of Pat's paid courses, which include weekly office hours with Pat.



Buzzsprout makes it easy to host a podcast. Start with their free plan and upload up to 2 hours of content per month.  


With Buzzsprout's easy to use interface you can have your podcast episodes uploaded and listed on the main podcast sites in no time.


How to Start a Podcast

In this comprehensive free guide from Buzzsprout, you will be taken step-by-step through how to start a podcast. 


You can take your idea through to recording, publishing and promoting your podcast.

Introducing Your Teacher, Pat Flynn

Pat and I have been friends for many years and he is one of the most respected experts in online business.


Pat hosts several highly successful podcasts.


What's more, Pat is an excellent teacher, so I am please to be able to partner with Pat to show my audience how to start and grow a successful podcast.

If you have a podcast or are thinking of starting a podcast. Pat has two courses for you.

Power-up Podcasting

Everything you need to know to start a podcast and market it successfully.


Pat takes you step-by-step through the entire process. Like all Pat's courses, Power-up Podcasting includes a weekly office hours with Pat where he is available to answer your questions.

Amped-up Podcasting

This is a new course, Pat has released for established podcasters.


Pat shares everything he has learned from nearly ten years behind the microphone hosting his many podcasts. This course will take your podcast to the next level and help you get over the hurdles every podcaster encounters during their podcast journey.

Sales Funnels

Regardless of the traffic source you choose, you need a way to get your visitors, viewers or listeners to join your email list and ultimately to buy your products and services.  That is where sales funnel comes in.


The good news is that they are pretty easy to build if you have the right software tools. A sales funnel usually starts with a landing page where you can present a free offer in exchange for your visitor's email address.  This offer is referred to as a leadmagnet and is typically a cheat sheet, free guide or even a mini-course.  This is followed up with a series of emails that you write to provide your audience with valuable information and eventually offer them something to purchase.


It is important to think about your sales funnel process before you even start creating content.


Sales Funnel Building - Free Course

If you are new to online marketing, my free sales funnel building course is a great place to learn.


It takes you through step by step through how you use a sales funnel and finding your ideal customer to s complete walkthrough of how to build a sales funnel to grow your email list.



I use Kartra to build most of my marketing automation.  In fact this page is built using Kartra's page builder.  


Kartra is the complete tool for building sales funnels.  You can use it to build landing pages, add opt-in forms, sent follow emails and even sell your product. If you are selling your own digital product, Kartra includes a membership and course hosting platform.


Visit my Kartra Resource Page to learn more.


Lead Funnels, Funnel Scripts, Expert Secrets, One Funnel Away Challenge....

Russell Brunson is the founder and CEO of Clickfunnels. He is also an online marketing and sales funnel expert.  


Russell offers a wide range of books, challenges and software tools to help you learn online marketing and how to build an online income using sales funnels. 


Visit my Funnels Resource Page to learn more.. 

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